About Me

Tyra at a wedding

A 30-Something year old fashion chameleon from London.  A wandering adventurer who loves to feel sun on her skin, sand between her toes, bubbles on her tongue and pretty things on her feet!

I’m Tyra (or just Ty will do). Born and raised in East London and now living in Essex.  I spend most of my time working on my fashion retail, health and beauty business, blogging and travelling to a sunshine destination whenever and wherever I can!

I have always had a strong work ethic.  I started work at 15 years old, part time whilst at school.  From the age of 18 I began working as a PA at various Investment Banks and then moved over to the buzzy, fun and hectic world of a well known national newspaper.  From a young age I always knew I wanted to travel and explore what the world had to offer and soon realised that the most efficient and cost effective way for a young woman to do that, would be to travel and work.  The idea of backpacking did not appeal to this little lady!  I wanted to do something fun and kind of glamorous whilst exploring, so, I set my sights on working on a cruise ship as a Social Hostess.  After a year or so of persistence and determination, I was finally offered a job working for an american cruise line.  Within 2 weeks,  I handed in my notice, packed (many) bags of summer clothes and bikinis, waved bon voyage and boarded a flight to Los Angeles where I would board my new home!

After three and a half years of an amazing ship life experience, sailing and exploring the US, Caribbean and Mexico, I came back to London and moved back into banking as an Executive Assistant.  My travelling feet continued to itch relentlessly, so after many years of grueling rush hour traffic to and from the City and long hours in the office, I decided to finally leave the corporate world behind and start my own business.  My increasing desire for freedom and travel became too intense to ignore (ship life will do that to you!)  So, with encouragement from my family and friends and a little dose of Susan Jeffers book “Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway” I decided to bite the bullet and to go it alone!

I created Dollbaby London soon after leaving my 9-5 job and I’ve never looked back.  Dollbaby London is one stop shop for false eyelashes, specialising in CRUELTY-FREE Siberian Mink false lashes.  It keeps me very busy but I love what I do! 🙂

When I’m not working hard (which isn’t very often!), I enjoy spending time researching (affordable) health and beauty products, seeking out new trends and looking up cool spots in Conde Nast, dreaming about where to wander to for my next jolly adventure!  I love anything Zen and am very much into personal development.  I always find time to nurture my mind, body and soul on the inside by burying my head in a good inspirational book. It keeps me sane, positive and thankful.   I believe that inner beauty is far more captivating and magnetic that just a pretty face and a good body (in my humble opinion!)

A few of my interests:

Favourite UK Stores:  ASOS, River IslandNet-a-Porter

Favourite (Evening) Dress Designer:  Jovani  

Favourite Beach Destinations: Mustique and Anguilla 

Favourite Cities:  Rome, New York, Las Vegas & Newport Beach, California

Favourite Travel Experience:  Safari’s in South Africa (being the HUGE animal lover that I am!)  I’ve stayed at the ~ Kwandwe Private Game Reserve & Lion Sands Kruger Park

Favourite Hotel:  Too many to list but three of the most unique and special places I’ve stayed were:

Residenza Napoleone III in Rome,  Serenity Bay in Mustique and Parrot Cay  in Turks and Caicos

Favourite Book(s):  Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

Favourite Restaurant:  Petrus, Gordon Ramsay (London), La Grenouille  (New York), Picasso (Las Vegas)

Favourite Quote: “Never let the things you want forget the things you have” Always practice gratitude


All images are my own and sourced images are credited.  If you would like to use any of my images please email me first at: tyra@exoticprincipessa.com