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10 Beauty Hacks To Save Your Life!

Time is Money….

We live in a world where time is money, money is time!  If you’re anything like me who can sometimes be impatient and easily stressed, these 10 tried and tested beauty hacks should relieve you of sweating the small stuff when it comes to beautifying yourself!


1. Business Card Trick ~ No More Mascara Smudges


Ph Credit: Maria Morri

You know how frustrating it can be when you’re at the end of your make up routine, all fresh and polished ready for your mascara finale when BAM!…. You blink at the wrong time causing the mascara wand to brush over your perfectly applied eyeshadow, or it stabs you in the eye causing that unsightly black smudging!!  Eyes ruined!!

This awesome little business card trick will eliminate that problem forever!  Bold claim I know but I can back it up.  Here’s how:

  1. Place a business card just above your eye and using a pen or eyeliner,  mark on the card two dots to reflect the length of your eye (a dot where the edge of your eyes meets your nose and one on the other side where the eye meets your temple)
  2. Using the pen or eyeliner, connect the two dots whilst drawing the shape of your eye (no need to be perfect here).  Then cut out the half circle from the business card
  3. Position the semi circle cut out part of the business card on top of your eyelid right behind your lashes and gently press and lift.
  4. Your lashes will push themselves up against the business card ready for your mascara application.  Any accidental blinking is impossible using this method and any smudges will go on the card and never around your eye!

Voila! Perfect mascara and smudge free eyes!


2. Use Hair Conditioner to Shave Your Legs

shaved legs

Ph Credit: Stefano Corso

I never bother with shaving cream as I find it messy and unnecessary (IMO).

My go to product when shaving my legs is and has been for as long as I can remember; good old hair conditioner!  It is so much better for your skin than soap which will dry out your legs as you shave.  Hair conditioner will soften the hair on your legs making the razor glide over them effortlessly and smoothly.

I find this makes my legs feel way more smoother than with soap or shower gel.  A simple inexpensive way to shave and keep those pins silkier for longer without the need for an extra bottle (shaving gel) in the shower!



3. Stop Using Powder to Combat That Shiny Face


Ph Credit: Philippa Willitts

Our skin produces natural oils for a very good reason, to keep our skin healthy.  The more we fight against mother nature, the more oil our skin produces.  When we pile on the face powder throughout the day everytime we start to glow, we end up with a cakey finish.

Instead carry around some oil blotting sheets like these from Boots.  They are great for taking away shine, are antibacterial which is great for problem skin and wont smudge your make up.  Or, if you are out and caught short, use a toilet seat cover to blot away that excess shine!


4. Apple Cider Hair Rinse For Shinier Hair & Flaky Scalp


Ph Credit: Mike Mozart

I absolutely love apple cider vinegar (my go to brand is Braggs Organic Apple Cider Vinegar  with Mother and can be found in most health food shops and here).  It is very well known for its many versatile uses such as; toning the skin, many health properties and even as a cleaning aid.  I personally love to use this as a hair rinse for super shiny silky hair.  It also helps eliminate dandruff and flaky scalp problems.

1. Wash and condition hair as usual
2. Mix 1-2 tablespoon Apple Cider Vinegar with one cup of water into a bottle and shake it up
3. Tip your head over the sink or bath and pour all the contents over your hair and massage into your scalp and leave for 5-10 minutes
4. Rinse out with cold water or leave it in.  Your hair will smell while its wet but the smell evaporates when dry

That’s it! Doing this rinse once a week will restore PH levels and make your hair feel a lot softer and also shiny.


5. Eliminate Peach Fuzz Face

fuzzy peach

Ph Credit: Cava_Cavien

Regardless of who we are or where we come from, we all have baby fine hairs on our faces.  Most of the time we don’t notice as they lay flat and look inconspicuous (just how we like it).

Unless you are trying to accentuate those fine hairs on your face, be sure to apply your foundation the correct way to avoid that peach fuzz look.

When applying your foundation, whether it be liquid or powder, avoid sweeping it in an upwards motion.  Applying your foundation upwards goes against the natural growth of the fine hairs and pushes all the hairs on your face upwards causing the hairs to stand up.

Instead, stipple or pat your foundation onto your skin using a stipple brush or a beauty blender  for a smooth airbrush finish.



6. Stop Pumping That Mascara


Ph Credit: Jenn Durphy

We have all been guilty of it.  Pumping the mascara wand ferociously in and out of its tube thinking it will add lots more product to the wand.  Well, it doesn’t!

Every time you pump the wand of your mascara in and out of it’s tube, you push air into the tube which causes two things that we never want:

1. Bacteria Growth
2. Dried out mascara!

Instead, just place the mascara wand inside its tube and gently scoop along the walls of the tube at an angle.  This will pick up lots more product inside the tube with no need to keep pumping the wand.  When you take the wand out of the tube, you should have a good amount of product to work with.  Any excess can be wiped off as required.


7.  Baby Soft Feet in Between Pedi’s


Ph Credit: Tamara Alvarez

Keep your feet soft and smooth in between pedicures with this cheap, quick and easy tip.

Once a week before bed; soak your feet for 15 mins in a bowl of warm water (or while in the bath).  Use a foot file or pumice stone to tackle any hard skin.  Dry off your feet and smother your them in coconut oil or vaseline (or any petroleum jelly) and pop on some cozy socks.  When you wake up in the morning, you will have amazingly soft feet.  Easy Peasy!


8. Make That Nail Polish Last

manicured nails

Ph Credit: Denise Pixelden

Follow these simple steps to make your manicure or pedicure last and last….
1. Before applying your base coat, gently buff your nails with a finely grained nail buffer block
2. Using isopropyl alcohol or alcohol wipes, wipe over each nail. (I use these alcohol wipes) which are convenient, handy, cheap and cheerful!
3. Apply base coat followed by your nail polish as usual (always finishing off with a top coat)
Taking the extra step to cleanse the nails with an alcohol wipe, removes any excess oil, moisture and dirt from your nail plate.  Applying your nail polish over a thoroughly cleansed nail will ensure that the nail polishes adheres to the nail properly, meaning chipping will occur much less frequently.


9. Faux Fake Lashes

woman with fake eyelashes

Ph Credit: Jeff Luyten

Whether it be glue on false eyelashes or eyelash extensions, most of us ladies try to achieve that beautiful doe eye, long sweeping lashes look.

I for one love false eyelashes and always have at least 10 pairs floating around my make up box.  Although sometimes a girl chooses not to wear her falsies, like on date night with the boyfriend! (There’s nothing unsexier than waking up with one of them hanging off of your cheek like a dead spider!)

With this simple trick you can leave home with that falsie flutter whilst keeping it au naturel!:

1. Brush on your mascara as usual

2. Shake a small amount of baby powder into a lid cap and using a cotton bud, dip into the baby powder

3.  Keeping your head down, carefully wipe the cotton bud over your eyelashes while the mascara is still wet

4. Apply another coat of mascara (Repeat steps 1-4 for a more dramatic look)

The result will be longer lashes, much thicker than using mascara alone (and works just as well a fibre lash mascara!)


10. Fool Them With The Fringe Wash

fresh hair

Ph Credit: Helga Weber

This is an amazing time saver.  Perfect for those occasions where you get a last minute invite with minimal time to get ready, or are running late for an appointment with not enough time to wash and blow dry your hair……

Effective Solution: Do A Fringe Wash! (Or just wash the front section of your hair if you don’t have a fringe).

1.  Tie your hair back in a low ponytail leaving out your fringe or just the front part of your hair.  Section it off with a head band to keep it separate
2.  Wash your fringe in the sink with shampoo (washing it in the sink is much easier than the shower)
3.  Skip the conditioner – Blow dry and style
4.  Blast the roots of the rest of your hair with dry shampoo (optional)

It’s best to skip the conditioner when doing a fringe wash as the conditioner may make the hair look lank again quite quickly. As this is only a temporary fix, it wont hurt to go without conditioner in your fringe once in a while!

The final result will create the illusion that you have washed and blow dried all your hair.  Noone will ever know you cheated!

Feature Ph credit: Artur Chalyj

Do you have any other beauty hacks to share?  Have you tried any of these?  Let me know what your favourite is!  Comment below.