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6 Tips To Stop Your Over The Knee Boots From Slouching

slouchy boots michael kors

Editors Note:  This post has was updated on 9th February 2017 with my review on the product Boot Stay as promised in the original edition 🙂

Now that winter is around the corner its time to dust off the over the knee boots and knee high boots that you locked away right before summer!  Now I love slouchy boots and the effortless cute way they finish off an outfit, however, over the knee boots that slouch, (especially when it’s just one boot)  has always been a bugbear of mine.  I think it makes an outfit (especially a dress) look untidy.

slouching boots

There are a few products available out there that claim to keep your boots upright when wearing them and will stop them slouching.  I have researched most of them and unfortunately almost all of them are in the US and unavailable here in UK.  However, recently I managed to find a product in the UK on Amazon called Boot Stay.  The company describe their product as follows:

Saggy Boots? Falling Footwear? Cankles? Nobody wants their boots to get droopy. It’s just no fun pulling at them all day. Now you can keep your falling boots at bay with Boot Stay» adhesive sag preventer. To use it, simply peel the paper backing off and stick the 7î cotton-covered stay onto the inside back of the boot, then wear as normal. Boot Stay» is rigid enough to keep your boots from falling down yet soft enough so the boots don’t turn into torture devices. Don’t let your boots falling down get you down anymore. *user tip* If the insides of your boots are resistant to adhesive or if you want to make your Boot Stays last longer, you can tape in the Boot Stay with strong tape, like duct tape. Pack of 6 pieces. White. Made in the USA. Replace about every 6-10 wearings. product measures 17.7 x 3.1 cm (7 x 1.2″)

The product has mixed reviews, but I am going to order these to try out on one pair of boots I have that are a size too big, one of which annoyingly keeps falling down.  (You know the drill ladies; see boots+ fall in love with boots+only one pair left+it’s not your size+buy them anyway = a moment of happiness).  I will post my findings here when I’ve tried and tested Boot Stay!


6 Tips to Prevent Your Boots From Slouching Using Things Around the Home (and Boot Stay!)

As the old saying goes “Prevention is better than cure”.  If the Boot Stay product doesn’t convince you or you don’t want to cough up anymore cash, you can take the prevention route by using items found around the home to keep your boots crisp, rigid and in shape!

I have used (and still do) use all of these solutions and they have personally helped me prevent my boots from falling down when wearing.

I’ve compiled 6 boot hacks to help keep your over the knee and knee high boots in shape preventing that annoying slouch.  Best thing is, these items can be found anywhere if not already in your home:

keep boots from slouching

1. Boot Stay

As I promised in the original edition of this post, I would come back and write a review on Boot Stay once I had tried and tested this product.

I’ve been living in over the knee boots this winter, all of which are suede and are most prone to slouching.  I have one pair of suede boots in particular that I love, although they are just too wide for my sparrow legs!  I decided to test Boot Stay on those boots to give the product a good run for its money!

boot stay review boot stay review

The packaging contains 6 Boot Stay’s.  The Actual product itself is very simple.  Its a long strip of felt material measuring 17cm x 3cm and has a strip of pliable plastic running down the centre to support the boot and to keep it upright.  The backing has a peel-away cover revealing a sticky strip underneath which sticks to the inside of your boot.


  1. Peel Boot Stay away from the paper backing and stick to the inside of the boot (note you will need 2 or maybe even 3 for each boot depending on the length of the boots).  I used two strips per boot
  2. Stick Boot Stay strips inside the boot along the back seam (or along the back wall where it sits on your calf)
  3. Replace every so often as necessary as and when they start to move or when they lose their adhesiveness


boot stay review

boot stay review boot stay review

boot stay review

Before Boot Stay was applied

boot stay review

After Boot Stay 2 strips were applied

Did Boot Stay Cut the Mustard?….

In a word “yes” Boot Stay does work.  I used two strips per boot and even though these are the widest boots for my pigeon legs, they did the job and kept them upright!

They are comfortable to wear and I forgot I had them in.  One thing I would say is, be careful when pulling your boots on and taking them off as you don’t want to disturb the strip too much incase it lifts and weakens the adhesiveness.  Especially in pull on/pull off boots with no zips (like mine!)

I’ve has these in for a good three months now.  Although I did have to replace the Boot Stay strips in one of my boots, as all the pulling them on and off with no zip had weakened the strips.  But all in all a good buy for the price (£10.44 on Amazon at todays published price) and I would recommend.

Note:  I am not affiliated with Boot Stay or any of their products.  This is my own personal, unbiased review.  I was not paid for this review.

2. Magazines

A rolled up magazine is ideal to pop inside your boots to keep them standing upright.  The thicker the better.  It will unroll itself into the shape of your boot once you drop it inside.  I use magazines in my over the knee boots and it keeps them standing fully upright.

slouchy boots michael kors

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching


3. Water Bottles

Water bottles a litre size or over make excellent inserts for boots.  They are the ideal shape and length to fit the inside of your boots.

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching

Great idea from to make a boot stuffer from an empty water bottle (click image for link)


You could even make little covers to go over the water bottles like this link here to pop over the top of your boot for a very cute more permanent solution


4. Cardboard ~ (Keep The Cardboard That Is Stuffed Into Your Boots When You Buy Them)

Roll up a large piece of cardboard for a quick solution to keep knee boots standing up straight.  I use those square pieces of cardboard that I get in the plastic bag with new clothes that I order online.  I also try to keep the cardboard or inserts that come with boots when purchased.

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching

keep boots from slouching


keep boots from slouching

5. Pool Noodles

I don’t personally have any of these but I do love the vast number of life hacks that these colourful little babies can be used for!

Pool Noodle Boots

Ph Credit:


6. Wine Bottles

Now,  if you’re home is anything like mine, you will likely have a wine bottle or two laying around!  If so, they make great boot shapers whether empty or full!

wine bottles in boots

Ph Credit: Pintrest


Here are a few of the boots I wear most, all using one of the methods above to keep them standing nice and straight.  (Links can be found at the bottom of this post)

keep boots from slouching keep boots from slouching keep boots from slouching


Last but not least here’s a bit of boot inspo from!   $49.95 including 6 boot clips! I think I will look into getting a couple of these!!

boot rack

Boot Rack From $49.95 (click image for the link)



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