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5 Top Beauty Hacks For Festival Camping

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I’ve just booked my tickets for We R Festival this May (whoop!)  I try and go every year (if I’m not on a jolly) and plan to do the whole camping V fest weekender later this year!  Now usually I would opt for glamping over camping any day of the week as I do appreciate a bit of comfort!  But camping is fun and in my opinion far more sociable. Especially in the evenings when the festival shuts down.

Now I ALWAYS like to travel light and am known for my scrupulous packing skills (back pat)!  Whether I’m staying overnight at the boyfies or going away for a fortnight, I can fit a week’s worth of holiday clothes into a carry on no problemo.

As packing light is hardwired into my DNA, I thought I’d share some beauty tips on how to take less but still remain festival chic this summer when camping.

festival glamping

1. Baby Wipes Are Your Friend

Baby wipes are a necessity for camping.  They are cheaper than standard face wipes and do the job of cleansing the face just as well for a lot less cost!

Baby wipes can be used to not only remove make up, but to freshen up when there is no shower.  Use under your arms, cleanse your face, clean up spills and even use to clean pots and cookware when you don’t have access to running water!

Always opt for unfragranced to avoid skin irritation and so you don’t taste perfume when cleaning cooking tools!


2.  Leave the Full on Make Up Bag at Home

Unless you’re glamping with full facilities and roomy accommodation, you will no doubt realise that space in a two man tent is scarce!

Leave that busting make up bag at home and just take some essentials that can be improvised upon:

    • Forget the foundation and take a tinted moisturiser or a beauty balm with a good SPF.   This will double up as a foundation and sunscreen
    • Vaseline ~ So many uses but use in place of lipgloss and apply to your eyelashes instead of mascara (also moisturises your lash hairs!)
    • Tint Brows and Eyelashes Before You Go ~ This will keep your brows and lashes on point and will save you having to mess around with eyebrow maintenance and having to pack eyebrow powder/pencils and mascara!
    • Take a small make up / contour palette.  Have all the basics in one small compact.  Sleek do a great contour compact that’s reasonably priced and is a good travel size
    • Don’t bother with too many hair products.  Camping messy hair looks effortlessly gorge most of the time!


3.  Ponds Magic Powder

Ponds Magic Powder does what it says on the tin!  It is created for the face and has UV protection (bonus).   Its also nice and cheap at around £4.00 for 100g and will last you a good while.  It’s a handy tub to take away camping as it has many uses such as the following:

    • Use as a setting powder to set your make up and keep shine at bay
    • Ponds Magic Powder has UV protection so can be used as a sunscreen
    • Dry Shampoo substitute ~ Apply to the roots of your hair in place of a dry shampoo to eliminate 2nd day greasy locks
    • Forgot deodorant? ~ Use under your arms to freshen up and keep nice and dry under there!


4.  Start Straight Turn Curly

Start your festival chicness with straight or near straight hair and put it into two braids before bedtime.

The next day remove the braids and you’ll be left with gorgeous wavy locks that are festival friendly and effortlessly chic.


5.  Pack a Hat

If you really cant bear the thought of not washing your hair every day and dry shampoo (or Ponds Magic Powder) wont do, bring a hat along.

Start day one like Rapunzel and if by day 2-3 the limpness is too much to bear, pop on a hat!  I don’t think you need to be having a bad hair day to wear a hat anyway as they can finish off an outfit nicely.

A hat is also the perfect cover up if it starts to rain and the frizz that’s set in has taken you from Rapunzel to Annie!

 Have you got any beauty hacks to share?  Have you been camping?  What are your camping essentials?