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Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder Review For Mixed Race Skin

Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder Review


Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder has been around for many years, seen mainly backstage at theatres and on film sets.

The Ben Nye brand was created by distinguished make up artist Ben Nye. Ben Nye worked on numerous film projects making him well known throughout the professional industry. After the top-notch artist retired, he established his own cosmetic company which became a big hit.

Since Kim Kardashian attributed Ben Nye to her infamous under eye highlight and contour routine, it has reached even higher acclaim!

Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder Review


Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder provides stunning coverage and lasts me throughout the day.  I apply my liquid foundation as normal followed by a light dusting of the Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder.  Once I have finished all my make up (contouring and blush too), I re-apply more of the setting powder, adding more to the brush than the first time, all over my face with a large fluffy brush.  That’s it.  Make up sealed!

I may touch up once throughout the day but that’s pretty much it!

Being a loose powder, its packaging is a little messy so it’s not ideal for touch ups on the tube(!) but you get a lot of bang for your buck as the standard 80g container size is HUGE and will last a good six months or more.

Due to its translucency, this setting powder is suitable for all skin tones ranging from fair skin to dark, olive and mixed race skin like mine.  Not only does it help make up stay put, but it is also resistant to perspiration as it contains aluminum which restricts the skin from sweating so the powder doesn’t budge. Even on my oily skin I find myself only having to re-apply once.

My skin is also temperamental and flares up in spots at the drop of a hat, but I find  that Ben Nye powders don’t cause me to break out.  Infact it makes my pores (some of which resemble moon craters) appear smaller and airbrushed which is what I love most about this powder.

Ben Nye Classic Translucent Face Powder



Out of all the many loose setting powders I’ve tried, I always keep coming back to this one.  It’s lightweight and doesn’t make my face feel caked at all.

It functions great as a setting powder, to use on its own to take away any oily sheen from the face and works fab for  ‘baking’ under the eyes for a bright highlight.  Some people have reported that baking with this can create a ghostly look when the flash is used in photographs, but I’ve never experienced this.

For £19.85 its a steal as you get 80g which will last you an eternity.  But it is also available in a handbag size of 40g for £9.95

Buy 80g here for £29.15 or smaller 42g here for £9.95 (prices at time of published post)


What is your favourite setting powder(s)?…. What do you think of Ben Nye Classic Translucent Powder?!…  Comment below