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Curly Hair Hacks to Change Your Life

hair hacks to change your life

If you’re a curly girl like me, do you find your hair is prone to frizz?  Feels crispy in this winter weather? Dry? Sometimes both oily AND dry?!….  I can relate well!

Curly hair always looks beautiful when it’s well moisturised and frizz free!  But despite its beauty, curly hair needs plenty of TLC and is high maintenance in comparison to hair that’s bone straight.  Here are some handy tips and tricks to get your curls popping!

Towel Dry No More! Use A Microfibre Towel Or Cotton T-Shirt Instead

Regular towels can tug and pull on your hair which makes it susceptible to damage.  A microfibre towel will dry your hair gently without causing friction.  If you don’t have a microfibre towel, a cotton t-shirt will do the trick just as well.  Below is a video of the cotton t-shirt method:

 Cr: AshleysGreenLife

Use Products With Natural Ingredients

natural oil products

Using products with natural ingredients keeps product build up and damage at bay.  Products containing petroleum or mineral oil only coat the hair and will ultimately make curly hair dry and brittle and encourage that dreaded frizz!

Natural products such as coconut oil, olive oil, argan oil and shea butter are nature’s moisturisers and conditioners.  You can easily make your own hair moisturiser and conditioner using natural products.  Most of which you may already have laying around the home.  Using natural ingredients on curly hair will penetrate the cuticle, providing moisture from within and will not just sit on top causing build up.


My favourite natural product is Argan Oil (must be 100% Argan Oil).  My go-to brand is Miaflora Argan Oil.  I use this on my scalp, hair and all over my entire body.  You can buy from Holland and Barretts for £14.99 for 50ml/2 fl.oz (at time of publishing).  A 50ml bottle lasts me a good 3 months which equates to £1.25 per week which I consider excellent value!

Keep Curls – Avoid Heat

I’m sure you’re already fully aware, that excessive heat causes dryness and damage.  You can still get those big bouncy curls without heated tools by using various methods such as; twisting your hair up in a snug top knot (bun) before bed, leaving you with loose wavy curls in the morning.  Or using rollers in damp hair and leaving to dry naturally.  The larger the roller, the larger the curls.  I love the big bouncy voluminous curls that jumbo rollers create.

The video below of the beautiful Jalessa Moses shows you step by step how to create beautiful voluminous heatless curls effortlessly!

CR: Jalessa Moses

Silk Pillowcases At Bedtime

curly hair on silk pillowcase

I love nothing more than good quality cotton bedding.  However, that cotton pillowcase is rough on curly hair and encourages tangles and frizz.  A silk (or satin) pillowcase has a smooth surface so hair glides across it when you toss and turn in the night as opposed to snagging the hair which is what happens when we sleep on cotton.

Silk is far less porous than cotton, so will absorb less moisture from your curls (and also your skin).  Morning tangles will be a thing of the past!



Create a Brush Free Zone

brush and wide tooth comb

Always detangle with a wide tooth comb instead of a brush.  A wide tooth comb detangles with minimal “Ouch!” and helps to prevent excessive tugging and breakage and will help to form natural curls.  Brushes also encourage frizz and static so stick with a wide tooth comb.


Wash in Moisture Wash Out Frizz With a Co-Wash

curly hair

Washing your hair with conditioner (skipping shampoo which is often full of drying sulphites) is often referred to as a co-wash.

Co-washing is simply washing your hair with conditioner only, in place of a regular shampoo.  Co-washing is safer and far more gentle on Curly hair as it cleanses the hair gently without stripping the hair of its natural oils, keeping your locks well hydrated.

Co-washing when your hair feels dry helps to defined curls and waves.

Do you use any of these tips on your curly hair?  Or can you suggest any more?  What works for you?  Please share in the comment box below 🙂