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Increase Your Wardrobe Space Without Getting Rid of Any Clothes


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This morning when I woke up shivering, I couldn’t live in denial any longer, winter’s  closer than I thought!

Today’s task is to change my wardrobes over from summer wear to winter wear.  Summer clothes will be stored in trunks (and under the bed!) and my winter warmers will get to see the light of day again as I free them from the vac bags stored in my trunks and spare bedroom!

Because I like to like to hang almost everything up in my wardrobe, it can sometimes get pretty crammed and packed in there.  I’m sure it’s happened to you (if not already happening), your clothes are jammed together like sardines, some items falling off the hangers, other items you cant even see as they’re squished in so tight.  There’s never enough space.

Well recently I stumbled across a remedy for this little inconvenience; Velvet Space Saving Hangers.

These little gems have taken my wardrobe…..

FROM THIS……                    TO THIS!


 clothes on hangers

Wardrobe Clutter to Wardrobe Zen ~ Velvet Space Saving Hangers

I come across these Black Velvet Space Saving Hangers  online by accident whilst looking for clip trouser hangers.  When I read the description of these space saving hangers I (quite sadly) got all excited! I knew these were what I needed to give my clothes breathing space and realised the possibility that I may also get to finally see EVERYTHING that’s hung up in my wardrobe!

space saving hangers

  • Ultra slim design maximises closet space
  • Velvety smooth texture prevents slipping
  • Gentle curves preserves shape of clothing
  • Added tie/belt hanger
  • Notches help hold items with straps


Goodbye Plastic Hangers

plastic hangersI ordered a couple of packs of these space saving hangers without hesitation and days later they arrived.  Right away I set to work swapping all of my hangers over from these black plastic ones to the uber thin velvet hangers pictured below.

I knew instantly that these hangers were going to be a life changer!  They are so thin and have little grooves on each end which are ideal for hanging up dresses and tops with loop straps.









Just a few of the bulky plastic hangers that I used to use, replaced with the space saving velvet hangers below.

space saving hanger close up

No more camisoles falling off your hangers! The velvet overlay fabric is non-slip and perfect for hanging anything such as silk or satin.

space saving hanger close up

Little grooves for loop straps

space saving hanger close up

space saving hanger close up

Wafer thin – amazing space saver!


Goodbye Clutter……

clothes on hangers

Hello Wardrobe Zen!


The pack I purchased and link above is for 50 space saving hangers.  If you don’t want quite so many, you can purchase a pack of 20 hangers instead here.

Now we have an excuse to buy even more clothes!!  😀

Do you use these space saving hangers?  If not yet, will you consider buying some?!