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Jovani Dresses ~ My Guilty Pleasure


My Jovani Romance

As much as I love high street fashion and shopping, once in a while it’s nice to treat yourself!  I first discovered Jovani on Britney Spears way back when, when she wore a very sexy flesh coloured mesh number covered in scattered crystals.  I was bewildered by how that outfit, so revealing and outrageously sexy could still look so elegant.  I was besotted!    When my BFF returned from LA soon afterwards with a similar style Jovani dress, I fell in love and had to go shopping!


Jovani dress

Wearing Jovani 3699 In Las Vegas


Jovani 3699 in Marbella With My Good Friend Jenny

My First (Jovani) Love

My first Jovani purchase was this little bad girl above ~ style number 3699!  I had this Jovani style number burned in my memory as I searched high and low for it online.  Although I discovered at that time, no London based boutiques were selling it, or any other Jovani designs for that matter!  It did later become available at Harrods however, for approximately £900.00 although sold out quickly.

I eventually found the Jovani 3699 online for sale in a store in New York (the name of the store escapes me as it was about 5 years ago but I will try and find out and add the name later).

As I used to travel to New York frequently and had another visit coming up, I called the store the day before I flew out to make an appointment to browse (as per their request on the website). When I arrived in New York I paid them a visit.

The store was not what I expected.  It looked more like a wholesalers, housing rails and rails of Jovani, Sherry Hill and other crystal and mesh sparkly beauties!  (Now I know why they requested an appointment). I’m sure I walked into a crystal heaven!

I walked out of the shop with two Jovani dresses that day (slap my hand!)  I bought the stunning Jovani 3699 and another style; Jovani 171267 (pictured below and also seen on Katy Perry and Paris Hilton). Although given there must have been at least 20-30 styles in there, I think I was reasonably well controlled!

Links to all dresses below are at the bottom of this post….



Buddah Kisses ~ I’m wearing Jovani 171267


katy perry jovani

Katy Perry in Jovani 171267


katy perry jovani dress

Katy Perry Jovani 171267


brooke hogan jovani dress

Brooke Hogan in Jovani 171267


jovani purple exposed back

Jovani 171267


Jovani Addiction and the Wicked Temptress, Mastercard!

After my initial purchase of the Jovani 3699 dress and the buzz I got out of wearing it, I went on to buy more and more….. EEekkkk.  A few were gifts bought for me by my then boyfriend, others I purchased myself with help from my trusted friend (and wicked temptress although BFF) Mastercard!

Some of the other Jovani styles I purchased are pictured below with style numbers underneath each image.  (Links for where to purchase are at the bottom of the post).

I managed to find my second fave Jovani style 79162 (pictured below) still for sale at: Stardust Boutique for £1,209.99.  I think this price is steep considering I purchased mine in the USA for around $1,350.00 (approximately £900.00).  Although I guess as the demand is high and supply is low in the UK, stockists can charge what they like!

There are some online boutiques that sell a replica of this Jovani 79162 dress, but the copies I’ve seen in my opinion look terrible compared to the original Jovani and also look poorly made. The mesh is more of a pale ivory colour than flesh/nude and stones tend to be strategically arranged resembling a smiley face at the front. (A circle of crystals on each boob = 2 eyes, another circle of crystals on the belly button = nose and a line of crystals directly below = mouth!)

There may be better copies out there that I’ve not seen, but I would exercise buyer beware and make sure if you do find what appears to be a good looking copy online, make sure you check the refund policy and use PayPal or a credit card to purchase for extra payment protection.


Jovani dress

My Birthday! ~ Wearing Jovani 79162



I’m wearing Jovani 79162 in Vegas

Jovani Dress 79162

Jovani Dress 79162


Jovani dress

I’m wearing Jovani 171300 ~ At Cirque du Soleil at the Bellagio – Las Vegas


Jovani dress

Im wearing Jovani 14338 Floral Lace ~ Marbella with my girl Emma


paris hilton jovani dress


Cheeky birthday snap wearing Jovani 3699 in orange



Celebrating my birthday in LA with my gorge pals.  I’m wearing Jovani 3699 in orange.



Birthday Shots wearing Jovani 3699 orange


Jovani dress

I’m wearing Jovani although unsure of style number.  In Marbella with my good friend Jenny


The Jovani Fit ~ Sizing Guide

As there are very few stockists that carry Jovani in UK besides Harrods (that carry only a limited number of styles), in order to own a Jovani sparkler, you would most likely have to purchase one online, possibly from USA.  Therefore, knowing what size to order ahead of time saves a lot of hassle and potential returns and cost.

If you note just one thing about how Jovani dresses fit it should be this;

all of the Jovani dresses mentioned and pictured above and many of Jovani’s similar mesh crystal dresses have little if any stretch!! 

Jovani sizes are US not UK which is an important factor to bear in mind.  I am a size 6 UK so most of my Jovani dresses are either size 0 or 2.  My Jovani 79162 and Jovani 171300 long sleeve dresses I go up to a size 2 as they are very restrictive being long sleeved with a high neckline.  You are literally zipped in like a sardine as these styles are made from a fine mesh with ZERO stretch to them.

The open plunge Jovani styles I have are all US size 0 and I find that converts from a UK size 6 well (although I have very small narrow hips).  However, if you are in between a UK size 6 and 8 with a curvier figure, I would advise to go up to a US size 2 in any strappy deep plunge styles (like the Jovani 3699 / Jovani 14338 pictured above) and go up again to a US size 4 for any long sleeved high neck styles such as the Jovani 79162 (pictured above).

The above is just a guideline based on my own personal size (UK 6) and buying experiences.  I hope you found it at least somewhat helpful as I know when I was shopping Jovani dresses online, the UK to USA size conversions on the website were way out!  It suggested that a UK size 6 was a US size 4 which in reality for me,  is actually three sizes too big.

Obviously people come in different shapes and sizes, so the best thing to do to make sure your dress fits you like a glove is to measure yourself.  Use a tape to measure to measure your bust, waist and hips and contact the stockist where you plan to purchase your dress from and have them recommend a good size for you according to your measurements and the Jovani style of dress you want to buy.   It’s always better to go a little larger in Jovani than too small in the crystal mesh dresses, as the material is so delicate and fine you could very easily damage it.


Final Word & What’s The Cost Damage?

The average cost of a crystal Jovani dress will vary depending on whether you purchase from UK or USA.  All of my Jovani dresses pictured above were all purchased in USA and cost between $550.00- $1,350.00.  If you purchase more than one from a single stockist, ask them to give you a discount.  Don’t be proud to haggle when you’re spending that kind of cash!  I did, and managed to get approximately 15% off of two of my dresses.

Finally, when wearing your Jovani mesh crystal dress, be sure to steer clear of people smoking!  If you get so much as a micro piece of hot ash on your mesh dress, it will make a hole and create a ladder rendering your sparkling beauty ruined 🙁

So all that’s left to say is, treat yourself girl you deserve it!  Buy your favourite Jovani Bobby Dazzler, wear with confidence and stand by for jaw droppers!


All Jovani styles above were available to buy following the links below at time of writing this post

Jovani Dress 3699 in nudeStill available here at Pears Boutique £PoA

Jovani Dress 3699 in orangeStill available here on Amazon for £650.00

Jovani 171267 |Still available here at Bella Illusion Boutique for $640.00

Jovani Dress 79162Still available here at Stardust Boutique for £1,209.00

Jovani Dress 171300Still available here at VIPDB for £524.00

Jovani Dress 14338 | Still available here at Stardust Boutique for £404.99

Various other Jovani styles | Available at Harrods 


Do you own any Jovani dresses? Which is your favourite Jovani dress pictured above? Which style would you choose to buy?….  Let me know! 🙂