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Sir Henry’s Bar & Restaurant ~ Beware of Children & Ducks

sir henrys aveley essex

Aveley’s Sir Henry’s is Sir Tasty

When I moved to Essex from London not so long ago, it took some time getting to know where to go for good food, drinks with a decent beer garden at the back! (#priorities).

I am a sucker for fine dining and getting all dolled up to go to a nice restaurant followed by a lounge bar or club blah blah… but sometimes I just fancy catching up with friends over a glass of wine (or three) at a nice but simple establishment that serves great homely food and has a nice atmosphere.  Cue Sir Henry’s!

Background History

Sir Henry’s is not just a fab restaurant and bar,  it is also a historic building built in around 1275-1310 AD.  It is also the only standing V frame building in the whole of Essex.

Sir Henry’s restaurant, formerly the Henry Gurnett, Aveley built in around 1275 – 1310 AD & set in the heart of Aveley & is now the only standing V frame building in Essex

The Manor was passed down the family line until around 1300 when the land was rented by Henry Gernet. Henry now had a large estate in Wennington, Aveley and Rainham.

Sir Henry’s Bar and Restaurant

sir henrys sign essex


sir henrys aveley essex sir henrys aveley essex sir henrys aveley essex sir henrys aveley essex sir henrys aveley essex

Murders and Misdeeds

An old historic building would simply be dull without some camp fire-ish haunting rumours about it and Sir Henry’s has its fair share:

Sir Henry’s pond, is rumoured to be the burial site of many local women who was accused of being witches. These woman would of had their head ducked into the water repeatedly until they drowned & if they survived they would of been sent for trial in Chelmsford with their fate ultimately being death by burning alive or pushed from a cliff.
The victims of Sir Henrys witch pond are listed below

1580 Joyce Duckerell of South Ockendon
1583 Agnes Billinge of South Ockendon
1592 Elizabeth Boxer of Aveley
1616 Margaret Lambe of South Ockendon
1576 Margaret Saunder of Rainham
1632 Mary Cutford of Rainham
Sir Henry’s Bar and Restaurant 

EEEekkkk….. If there are indeed witches buried beneath the pond (as pictured below), I hope they’re not haunting the adorable lil ducks and ducklings that now occupy it!  The ducks are so friendly and walk around the beer garden quite happily during the day and will mingle with you if you call them over!

sir henrys aveley essex

sir henrys aveley essex




















sir henrys aveley essex

Spot the lil’ duckies all along the right

sir henrys aveley essex











































sir henrys aveley essex



















Huge Beer Garden, Nice Bar, Tasty Homely Food

Sir Henry’s has a huge beer garden which gets busy in the summer although you’ll always find a table.  It’s also a child friendly beer garden, although with a childrens separate play area down the back, it’s unlikely you’ll get disturbed if you want a quiet afternoon.

I went to Sir Henry’s just last night for a catch up with my BFF Colleen and ordered lamb shank with creamy mash and steamed vegetables.  Colleen ordered the sticky pork belly with watermelon salad (even typing this has me salivating!)  Unfortunately my battery had died on me before I had a chance to take a few food porn snaps, but take it from me, with the exception of my nan’s cooking, that lamb shank was the best I’ve ever tasted!  Literally fell off the bone and was delicious.  Filling and homely.  I had a bite of Colleen’s sticky pork belly watermelon salad which was to die for.  I’ll be ordering that next time!

sir henrys aveley essex


sir henrys aveley essex sir henrys aveley essex sir henrys aveley essex sir henrys aveley essex
























































































If you’re ever in the area, stop by and pay Sir Henry’s a visit!

Sir Henry’s Bar and Restaurant, Romford Road, Aveley, South Ockendon, RM15 4XB


Have you ever been to Sir Henry’s or anywhere similar where you have ducks and their baby’s running around?!… I’d love to hear about it 🙂