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Speedboats: Top 7 Tips To Avoid Stepping Aboard A Glamourpuss & Stepping Off A Sourpuss!


Travelling by speedboat is most of the time good fun!  Its thrilling, exciting and exhilarating.  But in my experience, those words could only be used to describe smaller speedboats that you hire yourself on holiday, or perhaps as part of a tour that you may have organised.  The speedboat journey’s I’m referring to here are private transfers on which you are sat for no less than an hour and half – pedal to the metal, covering around 100 miles at 90mph!

I had the ummmm…. misfortune  experience of travelling via this mode of transportation during my recent trip to Sicily.  Full post of that trip can be read here.  We took a private transfer (speedboat) from Milazzo in Sicily to Panarea in the Aeolian Islands.  Total journey took around two hours.  I stepped aboard looking fresh and feeling excited.  I stepped off that bad boy looking like a drowned rat with dreadlocks, sore and feeling very shall we say…. disgruntled! <Grrrrrrr> .  If I knew back then what I know now I would have prepped very differently!  So; here are

Top 7 tips to avoid stepping onto a speedboat a glamourpuss and off a sourpuss

  • Tie your hair up… ALL the way up in a doughnut or a high bun on the top of your head to keep it out of your eyes.  I thought a side plait would suffice – well, I was wrong.. very wrong….
  • Dont bother with a hat – see above!
  • Bring an extra towel with you.  There will be one onboard but it will get soaked quickly.  When the boat really picks up speed and starts bouncing off of the waves and flying through the air you will get sprayed – a LOT!!
  • Bring plenty of (waterproof / water resistant) sunscreen in a high SPF.  The sun reflecting off the water will be more intense therefore you’re more likely to burn.  As you will need to re-apply often, use a convenient aerosol spray like my favourite Nivea Sun Protect & Refresh.  Its fab and convenient as it sprays any way you hold it, including upside down. Also gives you a blast of an ice cold spray
  • Sit upfront as opposed to the back.  You wont get as much sea spray if laying out at the front
  • Don’t wear any rings.  If you do need to hold on like I did (for dear life as we were travelling so fast!)  Any rings will crush your poor fingers
  • Keep your sunglasses on.  The spray from the sea is relentless and when that salt water gets in your eyes they will get irritated (as will you!)

Taking heed of all the above will ensure you’ll step off the boat at your final destination a happy, pretty camper so  ~ bon voyage and enjoy!!


Have you been on a speedboat? Did you enjoy the experience or did you end up soaked like me?!


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