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Increase Your Wardrobe Space Without Getting Rid of Any Clothes


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This morning when I woke up shivering, I couldn’t live in denial any longer, winter’s  closer than I thought!

Today’s task is to change my wardrobes over from summer wear to winter wear.  Summer clothes will be stored in trunks (and under the bed!) and my winter warmers will get to see the light of day again as I free them from the vac bags stored in my trunks and spare bedroom!

Because I like to like to hang almost everything up in my wardrobe, it can sometimes get pretty crammed and packed in there.  I’m sure it’s happened to you (if not already happening), your clothes are jammed together like sardines, some items falling off the hangers, other items you cant even see as they’re squished in so tight.  There’s never enough space.

Well recently I stumbled across a remedy for this little inconvenience; Velvet Space Saving Hangers.

These little gems have taken my wardrobe…..

FROM THIS……                    TO THIS!


 clothes on hangers

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10 Beauty Hacks To Save Your Life!

Time is Money….

We live in a world where time is money, money is time!  If you’re anything like me who can sometimes be impatient and easily stressed, these 10 tried and tested beauty hacks should relieve you of sweating the small stuff when it comes to beautifying yourself!


1. Business Card Trick ~ No More Mascara Smudges


Ph Credit: Maria Morri

You know how frustrating it can be when you’re at the end of your make up routine, all fresh and polished ready for your mascara finale when BAM!…. You blink at the wrong time causing the mascara wand to brush over your perfectly applied eyeshadow, or it stabs you in the eye causing that unsightly black smudging!!  Eyes ruined!!

This awesome little business card trick will eliminate that problem forever!  Bold claim I know but I can back it up.  Here’s how:

  1. Place a business card just above your eye and using a pen or eyeliner,  mark on the card two dots to reflect the length of your eye (a dot where the edge of your eyes meets your nose and one on the other side where the eye meets your temple)
  2. Using the pen or eyeliner, connect the two dots whilst drawing the shape of your eye (no need to be perfect here).  Then cut out the half circle from the business card
  3. Position the semi circle cut out part of the business card on top of your eyelid right behind your lashes and gently press and lift.
  4. Your lashes will push themselves up against the business card ready for your mascara application.  Any accidental blinking is impossible using this method and any smudges will go on the card and never around your eye!

Voila! Perfect mascara and smudge free eyes! Continue reading…

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