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Creme de la Mer ~ Is This £200 Moisturiser a Fail or Holy Grail? My Unbiased Review & Dupe

creme de la mer

I first stumbled upon Creme de la Mer around 2005 after reading about it in various magazines and newspapers.  Despite only being in my early twenties at the time, I was very curious although as I’m sure most of you can relate, despite the impressive claims the £150-£500 price tag put me off a bit!

The Claimed Background Story of Creme de la Mer

“When aerospace physicist Dr. Max Huber was burned in a laboratory accident, he went on a crusade to restore his skin. What began as one man’s journey became a transformative experience that would be whispered about all over the world.  Inspired by the renewing energies of the sea, Huber fermented nutrient-rich kelp with other natural ingredients. 12 years and 6,000 experiments later, his Miracle Broth™ was born – and Huber’s skin visibly restored. Word of Dr. Huber’s perfected formula spread, captivating new devotees. Their transformative journey was just beginning.” ~ Taken from:

Fast forward eight or so years, my curiosity piqued once more.  My skin had always been oily although sometimes (usually in winter) it would get dry patches with an oily surface over it.  Very strange and annoying as I found products for oily skin could be too harsh and products for dry skin were way too heavy, making my oily areas worse. Continue reading…