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4 Effective Ways to Use Milk of Magnesia To Combat Oily Skin

milk of magnesia oily skin

Oily skin has been a bugbear of mine ever since I was a teenager as I talked about in my previous post 5 Holy Grail Skin Products for Oily Skin.
I breakout very easily and would have to touch up my make up to de-shine several times a day.  After trying hundreds of products and potions (few which DO work as set out in my previous blog post ) I’ve finally discovered an inexpensive gem that most people have laying around the home; Milk of Magnesia!

Here are some of the many uses of this magical product which works very well for oily skin, blackheads, acne and everything else that comes with it!


The Star Product ~ Milk of Magnesia

milk of magnesia for siny face

Milk of Magnesia is traditionally used as an antacid and liquid saline laxative. When taken orally it works by drawing water out of the colon.  Although that sounds a bit urgh(!)  It’s a wonder lotion for mattifying oily skin.  It helps to prevent pores from producing excess oil, and creates the illusion of smaller pores.  Milk of Magnesia is also helpful in preventing spots as it contains Zinc which kills bacteria, making it healing for any existing spots you may have.  It’s priced reasonably and can be picked up from Boots or online here for under £10.00 for 355ml which will last you a good while!

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