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My Cape Town Experience ~ South Africa



Cape Town, South Africa is a dynamic and modern metropolis attracting people from all walks of life from all over the world.  From backpacking students to celebrities, it’s a cool and very diverse place.

It attracts most of its visitors during it’s summer season which spans from November to March.  During this period visitors enjoy the eleven hours of daily sunshine with an average temperature of 25-30 degrees Centigrade.  In between seasons are Spring: September/October and Autumn: April and May.  Winter months are June – August with temperatures between 7 and 20 Centigrade.

Cape Town is 11 hours away from UK.  Although with the time difference being just 2 hours ahead of GMT, it makes the long journey relatively easy in terms of jet lag.  If you catch a night flight, you will arrive early afternoon next day which is pretty cool as you can sleep on the plane and arrive in South Africa ready for the day ahead.

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